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LOVE mail | series 002

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Love is in the MAIL! 
LOVE mail is a hug in the envelope of joy, filled with a selection of delightful + encouraging little art pieces, beautifully addressed and sent along its way to brighten a mailbox. Included in series 002 are 9 art pieces total, including two standard frame sized pieces--one 4x6 and one  5x7--and a handful of mini art pieces for you to sprinkle about. Also included is a bookmark, a tiny note (if you want to include a personalized message), and an envelope + piece of stationery so YOU can keep the love and snail mail going!

This new series is all about GRATITUDE, JOY, and holding onto HOPE. We might still feel interminably stuck in COVID land, so I chose quotes and words for this series that I think we all need to hear. And focusing on gratitude is perfect for Thanksgiving time.  Such a great gift to send to yourself, or a friend or family member (especially one you may not see for the holiday)! 

Because of the inability for me to change the checkout process of my site (sad face), there is no way for you to add a note to me with the address(es) for your mailings. Instead, please reply back to your order confirmation email with the addresses for your gifts, AND a message if you would like a personalized note/notes included. Cool? Cool.

IF you are ordering LOVE mail for yourself, GOOD FOR YOU. You'll be fine checking out as usual :) 

NOTE: If you are ordering ONE envelope, but do not send me a response email with a different address, I will be sending mail to YOU!

Happy mail mails out within 7 days of purchase. Want it mailed as a gift for a certain date? Just reply to your order email with the details! 

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