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heART cards | series 001--004

$10.00 USD

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Love + beauty + inspiration + encouragement for YOU to spread! 

Four limited series (shown in order from 001-004 in these photos from the top to the bottom) 
001: set of 10 cards (includes shine bright + be brave + be kind to you)
002: set of 10 cards (includes hold on tightly to what is good, courage over comfort) 003: set of 7 cards (includes be kind to yourself, the words your mind thinks)
004: set of 7 cards (you are so lovely, your greatness...)

All are printed on premier velvety 16pt matte card stock with rounded edges. Different designs in every pack, sized 2x3.5, designed exclusively by A Life Interior. Each order now includes a plastic heART card container!--the perfect way to keep your cards pristine + portable, so you can drop a card whenever + wherever you fancy! 

Hang them on a mirror, mail them to a friend, leave behind for a stranger to find...the options are endless! Don't forget to show me where they go, use hashtag #alifeinterior :) Free domestic shipping, or pickup locally at my home studio*

*Local order pick-up at my home studio in Raynham:
Simply reply back to your order confirmation email and let me know you'd like to pick up!

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