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greeting cards

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Forget Hallmark, stock up here with the PERFECT flat cards for any day you want to love + encourage someone in your life! Love your neighbor? Tell them. Love your friends? Tell them. Have a total stud in your life? Tell him. Someone loving you really well during this eternal pandemic + COVID time? OH MY GOSH, TELL THEM!! Want to send someone a bouquet that will never die?! GUYSSS, DOOO IT. 

Ten designs to choose from, all printed on super thick + gorgeous + toothy 100lb. card stock!

1. "can't mask how I feel about you" (A1 flat card with teeny tiny mask and turquoise envelope)
2. "neighbors like you are the best kind of neighbors" (digital design // A2 flat card with red envelope)
3. "studfinder" (watercolor + digital design // A4 flat card with brown kraft envelope)
4. "your love makes a pandemic feel easy*

*just kidding, even YOUR love can't do that! but it sure has made life bearable, so thanks for loving me so well <3 (digital design // A7 with metallic gold envelope)
5. "a bouquet to make your day" (hand-lettering + floral photo by Homegrown Blooms in Westport // A1 flat card with coral envelope)
6. "you are the finest, loveliest, tenderest & most beautiful person I have ever known and even that is an understatement" f. scott fitzgerald (digital hand-lettering design// pink on pink A4 (4x6) frameable flat card with bright orange envelope
7. "hi. I like you" (digital geometric design // A2 flat card with metallic purple punch envelope)
8. "we were together. I forget the rest." Walt Whitman (digital design // A4 (4x6) frameable flat card with dusty red envelope)
9. "here is a tiny love note for you from me" (digital hand-lettering design with tiny envelope and note {note can be personalized!} // A1 flat card with brown kraft envelope)
10. "you're a really great friend. plus you're pretty, which never hurts. just sayin'" (digital hand-lettering // A6 flat card with watermelon pink envelope)

If you are interested in buying any designs as a set, just message me; I can discount bulk orders!

Free domestic shipping always, and free local pickup available for those who don't want to wait for snail mail or for those of you who are last minute folks :) Simply reply to your order confirmation email if you would like to pick up! NOTE: I cannot guarantee shipping speeds, so to ensure arrival before 2/14, I recommend local pick up at my home studio in Raynham.

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