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"I always struggle with teachers gifts. My kiddos have been blessed with some of the best teachers in the world. Therefore, I’m always looking for something that is heartfelt, different, and that they’ll actually use/love. Discovering Michelle’s work solved my struggle! Beautiful work!!!"
-Becky R.,
West Bridgewater MA

"I love all things A Life Interior! From custom orders, to bookmarks, to the Heart Card collections, you can’t go wrong! Beautiful art, beautiful person. 10/10."
-Elya M., Berkley MA

"Michelle does such beautiful work. All her pieces are so unique. Her quotes are so inspirational and uplifting and the quality is top notch!! I would highly recommend reaching out to her if you are looking for a meaningful gift for a special person!!"
-Amy C., Raynham, MA

"Michelle has created some truly beautiful art for me. She has a beautiful way of making the crazy ideas that I have in my head, come to life. In each piece, I can feel all her hard work and love. She never ceases to amaze me with each and every one of her creative beauties."
-Patty W., Raynham MA

 "I am so thankful to have such a talented human in my world that was willing to take on one heck of a challenge to make my dreams become reality.  I am so amazed with how this cap turned out, and it means the world to me. Words really can't describe how thankful I am for Michelle and the talent she so bravely used to make this dream a reality. If you like pretty things, or are interested in a commission, go check her out." -Jessica G., Lowell MA

"Michelle's artistry and designs are unique, elegant and eclectic. She uses the finest quality materials on her products -- customer service and care are top notch. I have repeat ordered inspirational cards and custom made posters. I couldn't be more pleased or recommend A Life Interior more highly." -Karen B., Easton MA

"Michelle takes an idea and turns it into a work of art! From custom hand-lettering to care mail packages for family and friends, she has made beautiful, one of a kind pieces that just make people feel happy and loved! Whenever I need something designed, she's the first (and only) person I call! She is super responsive and includes you in each step of the design." -Nickey C., Jacksonville FL

"Michelle is unbelievably creative and talented. I found a poster online and wanted something similar to hang in my classroom. I sent Michelle a picture and asked her to create me something. It came out beautiful! I get so many compliments on it from students, parents, and other teachers. No matter what project you have in mind, Michelle can create it!"
-Deb C., Raynham MA

"Fantastic art matched by an equally fantastic person!"
-Devin D., Foxboro MA

"Absolutely, without a doubt, Michelle is so dedicated and talented. Her artwork is not only impeccable, it’s bright, happy and delivers the best messages."
-Sue K., Raynham MA

"Purchased a lovely print for my daughter’s teacher. Michelle’s work is colorful and inspirational! Perfect gift for anyone, and even better, art for yourself!!"
-Emily R., Raynham, MA

"Everything I have from Michelle makes me smile. I get a lot of compliments on everything and everyone’s always impressed!"
-Christine B., Taunton MA

"Collaborative for commissions and wonderfully creative. Always on time. Thoughtful and skilled! Michelle takes my crazy ideas and makes them glorious works of memorable art. I have given her pieces to my immediate family, to co-workers, to friends, and even as Christmas greetings to loved ones. I enjoy Michelle’s imagination and most of all, the deep loving heart of hers behind each creation." -Dani S., Philadelphia PA

"We purchased a few tote bags and pouches to send as gifts to our nieces and are so happy with the way they turned out. Great gift idea and so much more. A Life Interior was so thoughtful and professional. We will be coming back." Sameena H., Raynham MA

I have been a huge Michelle fan for many years. In addition to getting rave reviews from her products I have given as gifts, I partnered with her in my craft business (JudyCaron.com) for nearly twenty years, where she added her artistic flourishes to THOUSANDS of my ornaments. Sometimes it was just adding a name, in that amazing handwriting of hers. Other times she would add creative flourishes I never would have imagined. It wouldn't surprise me, at very busy craft shows, to see what she had hand-drawn on one of my ornaments: a dating profile, or a subway map, or a detailed newspaper, or who knows what else a customer might have been looking for. My customers were invariably THRILLED with her work, as was I. Michelle is a gem!" -Judy C., Prides Crossing MA

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