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hand-lettered pumpkins

$35.00 USD

For my local customers! The perfect adornment for your front steps--a pumpkin customized with the text of your choice! Perhaps your family name, or a fun phrase (it's fall, ya'll!), anything! additional fee will apply for more than 3 words of text)! Here is what you do:

1. Order your customization right here on my website (select the drop-down that suits)
2. Reply to your order confirmation email with the text you would like me to write on your pumpkin (if I haven't met you yet in real life, I will email you my address!)
3. Go pick your pumpkin out--at the farm stand, the pumpkin patch, the orchard, Wal-Mart, wherever!
4. Sharpie your name on the bottom of your pumpkin (so I know whose it is!)
5. Drop it on my porch

...and I will letter pretty on it in oil paint so it survives the great outdoors! 

A customized pumpkin is the perfect way to fancy your porch or front step from October through November, IS IT NOT?!, so bring me YOUR pumpkin and drop it on my porch you see here in this photo!

Also: tell your friends!

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