Hi! I'm Michelle!

Handwriting has always been my thing--I taught myself cursive on my MagnaDoodle in kindergarten--but hand lettering is a more recent passion of mine. Since I discovered watercolors 5 years ago, painting with my youngest daughter, I have been lost in a creative immersion, consumed with honing my hand lettering and painting skills (Enneagram Type 3 in the house!). Finding avenues for my creativity has always been my jam, whether it's painting and recreating furniture, writing on chalkboards, gardening, or throwing a soiree, I like to CREATE! I am a pastor's wife + mother of 4, a fashion major turned editor turned writer turned artist (although I think EVERYONE is an artist). When I'm not painting in my little home studio or creating on my iPad, I'm probably reading. Or doing yard work, or having coffee with a friend, or making lists so I don't forget things, or ignoring the dishes, or writing a letter or a note, or singing + dancing and embarassing my chidren. Trust, I'm just a regular gal trying to make sure one of my kids doesn't spill on your art order ;) Who am I kidding, Im trying to make sure *I* don't spill on your order. My passion is encouraging + inspiring + uplifting people, so the art I want to create is always in that lane. Over the years I have painted on lots of things for folks like you--adorning the walls of your homes, of local schools and homeless missions...all in the name of love + faith + truth + inspiration! Welcome, and thanks for being here, it’s a blessing to write on things and adorn your home. YOU inspire ME!

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